The Willem Twee Studios

I saw the Willem Twee Studios!

A little intro: I have followed Hainbach on YouTube since he started in his living room, mainly because he makes really good music, but also because he has an interest in old analog equipment (I am an old guy 🙂 ). Then, 2 years ago, he had an episode where he was visiting The Willem Twee Studios in the Netherlands. Super interesting and inspiring!

I really really wanted to go there myself, and it turned out that Sissel (our daughter, artist, living in Den Haag ) knew all about this place, since she had an exhibition of one of her works there in 2021. So, she managed to set up a visit for us in september this year. And it was so cool since both Rikkert Brok and Hans Kulk were there to show us around. Amazing, generous and very inspiring!

In their own words here is what they have and what they do: “The Willem Twee Studios consist of four studios; a 50s and 60s test and measurement equipment studio, a 70s and 80s modular synthesizers studio, a small project studio and the Toonzaal concert hall”.—- “The Studios are open to composers, producers, musicians, music students and anyone interested. You can book the studios for one or multiple parts of the day and you are free to record your own sounds”.

Please note that a lot of other things are going on at The Willem Twee: Art exhibitions, cinema, workshops, concerts, etc. etc.

I took some pictures,  but I suggest that you also follow the links I have put below to get a much better impression of what is going on there.

Here we have it. Lots and lots of heavy duty, super clean sound, very tactile, equipment from an analog era:







First visit the studio website

Hainbach, first (and not last) visit to Willem Twee Studios:

Albert Van Abbe patching and playing “Against The Clock”: