Cute Little Eurorack


I made this little Eurorack for desktop experiments with new module designs.


  • Sturdy plywood design.
  • The righthand side (module with white panel) can be removed for access to module under test.
  • The top can also be removed for access, but mainly when changing modules.
  • The side module contains small power supplies for +/-12V and +5V.
  • In the back of the cabinet I have:
    • Small power-bus for 4 flat-cables.
    • 2W class-D amplifier with jack-input and volume control.
    • 40 mm loudspeaker.
    • 40 mm 12V fan.
    • USB to RS232 converter for Arduino ProMini programming*.
  • Small feet are mounted on the lefthand side for vertical positioning of the cabinet.
  • Retractable leather handle.
  • Transparent acrylic front cover to protect switches and dials during transport.
  • Instructions sheet for envelope- and “next-gate” programming is places inside the cover.

*Note: Disconnecting the +5V supply coming from USB and via the converter board is a good idea.


This is how the rack looks when setup for experiments with a new module:


Here seen from the front, with the cover:


…and without the cover. The modules are, from left to right: Doepfer A-190-3 (permanently installed), my Super VCO prototype with its extra panel, and a small mixer/gate/envelope module made specifically for test purposes in the mini-rack: