Rare and Strange Knives


When my father worked for SAS, they had these knives made for gifts. I believe it is silver or some other metal that do not rust. I think it is a DC-8, since SAS had a lot of them. It could also be a Convair 990 Coronado that SAS had one or two of. The gap between the tail-fin and the wing is a bottle opener, and the blade is a good quality.


This Schrade “knife” I bought in a wildlife store in Sweden. It is rather crazy and not very useful, and clearly from the time before Leatherman and cell-phones. There is a flute connected to the string, is case you get lost or don’t want to be shot in the wild 🙂 You can see most of the functions above, almost like in any Swiss-army knife. There is a red (useless!) LED lamp in the handle, and the red thing in the cap is a watch, stopwatch and compass. The steel used for the tools is not a very good quality, and the battery in the watch/compass-thing only lasts a short time.


The Spyderco tool above is basically a really good idea, but unfortunately not very useful because of the clumsy way it is built. The adjustable spanner is too weak, and the pliers are too fat, but the idea that you can take the two halves apart and use the spanner and the screwdriver at the same time is very good. You can insert normal bits, or the strange long double-ended bit, that also serves as a metal file into the knife handle. Both the long and the short bits are contained in the handle. The knife itself is like in all Spyderco products a very good quality, and it folds out and locks as you can see.


Just recently I found this little knife in my workshop. Unfortunately the colors in the flags are gone. They should have been the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish colors. Like the other SAS knife mentioned above, it was used as a gift in the 50’s and 60’s.


I also found this strange scissor/knife hybrid. I had it when I was a kid. Believe it or not, but it is supposed to have these functions: Scissor, glass cutter, ruler, screwdriver, file, pliers, hammer (very, very little!), cigar cutter, sail needle, two knives when hinged apart (special hinge unfortunately broken), spiked wheel (for what?) and finally adjustable cutting length for making buttonholes! There used to be a very, very small magnifying glass in the tiny hole next to the handle!


In 1968 I was in Paris visiting my uncle Niels Edgar. It was just after the big fights in the streets, and there were police everywhere. Anyway we had a great time, went to the Lido to see the topless dancers (and Siegfried & Roy!), saw all the sights and had dinner in a 3-star restaurant. I bought the above knife-souvenir in the famous “Coutelier Emile PETER”. I have used it a lot over the years, since it is both versatile and sturdy, with adjustable spanner, knife, flathead- and Philips screwdriver, ruler, file (on the back of the ruler), a stitching-awl and some sort of cigar cutter.


I bought this handy knife in Geneva in the seventies. It is a “Herbertz Verlängerungsmesser Hirschhorn” and you can still buy them at a price around €250. A real classic.


Finally I will show you a very important tool that I used to carry together with the Peter-knife. It is a very “naughty” screwdriver with a lady wearing a bathing suit that will disappear when you turn it upside down 🙂