Drone Grounded

It is not always a good idea to be an “Early Mover”. I bought an expensive DJI quadcopter “drone” four years ago. Six month later the price dropped 50%, and within a year it was not much worth. Then came all the problems with authorities, pilot licenses, restricted zones, etc. I crashed it into a really huge piece of machinery in a gravel pit. I was filming for some energy consultancy work that I did there, and I totally lost control of the drone, probably because of all the metal disturbing the magnetic compass or the GPS. After repair it was nerver really working well any more. Finally the WiFi transmission from the drone stopped working, and several attempts to repair failed. I guess my days as “Drone Pilot” are over.

OK, I had a little bit of fun and benefit, but not worth the expenses. Here are two shots from the time when it was working well: